• Integrated reporting and control system for drinking water sales devices

    Integrated Reporting and Control System for Drinking Water Sales Devices

    Service for collecting information and creating reports with drinking water equipment

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  • Parking payment application

    Parking Payment Application

    Service for paying for city parking online

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  • Development for the largest logistic company for the delivery and storage of goods in warehouses

    Development for the Largest Logistic Company for the Delivery and Storage of Goods in Warehouses

    Website for ordering cargo transportation or storing cargo with a personal account for clients

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  • CRM system designed for a real estate agency

    CRM System Designed for a Real Estate Agency

    This CRM system allows you to control orders, set tasks, and conduct inspections of residential premises

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  • Process automation for retail supermarket networks using a mobile app

    Mobile Application for Retail Supermarkets

    It is an active E-Commerce project with one of the largest Ukrainian retail supermarket chains

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  • Cryptocurrency market analytics news service using widgets and blockchain

    Cryptocurrency Market Analytics News Service Using Widgets and Blockchain

    A widget system for users interested in cryptocurrency

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  • Face recognition and analysis system

    Face Recognition and Analysis System

    “Stop Dirty Kids” is an automatic facial recognition system used to keep a company safe

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  • How we built a 2-factor authentication service (Blockchain)

    Built a 2-factor Authentication Service (Blockchain)

    The service is developed using blockchain technology, which guarantees the safety of all data

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