Built a 2-factor Authentication Service (Blockchain)

The service is developed using blockchain technology, which guarantees the safety of all data

This service was developed using blockchain technology, which guarantees the safety of all data.
This service prevents unauthorized people from accessing the user account by requesting an additional code when logging in. It uses Telegram to receive the second factor. The information about the requests of the second factor is recorded in the blockchain.
This service is provided to client organizations, in both web and mobile applications, including e-government, working with a state gateway.


  • It was necessary to integrate the system into more than 100 third-party services.
  • The system both received and transmitted data in many different formats, and third-party services had their own users and could not change anything in their systems.
  • Therefore, we had to make the changes on our side.


The challenge was the peculiarity of interaction with connected systems and blockchain’s congestion with data.

Additionally, the service has survived over 30 different hacker attacks of varying severity without any significant losses.

The system was originally developed on the assumption that the expansion of blockchain volumes was extensive; it required a large amount of stored data.


The system was developed and optimized by us, which led to a decrease in server requirements.

Several data processors were created, VPN and proxy services were configured, many negotiations were held with technical teams from third-party organizations, the formats were collected, and the transfer methods were brought into the required form.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the scope of application, algorithms for the most secure data transmission were formed.

How We Built a 2-factor Authentication Service (Blockchain)



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