Cryptocurrency Market Analytics News Service Using Widgets and Blockchain

A widget system for users interested in cryptocurrency

A widget system for users interested in cryptocurrency. The service includes data visualization, analytics and forecasts of the cryptocurrency market.
Particular attention was paid to the stability and security of the platform due to the large number of requests. The number of primary data exchange operations from sites with the installed widget reached 50,000 requests per second.


  • Develop a widget system in 2 months with high workload due to a large number of calls to the backend.
  • Provide for an increase in the load on the service.
  • Maintaining stability of work.
  • Simplify work with the system as much as possible.


We have created a large platform for users interested in cryptocurrency, which includes all the functions described by the client.

The Highcharts library was used to visualize graphics, charts, and other data.

We have implemented the best UX/UI solutions to ensure the most comfortable use of the platform.

A subscription system was introduced where users can see additional analytics and forecasts after choosing one of the subscription plans, either the Silver or Gold plan.

To implement a high-load platform, we configured the Load Balancer on AWS. We have also paid special attention to the platform’s security and stability using the appropriate AWS tools. We implemented all this within 2 months. At the moment, the project is working and actively developing.

This system allowed the client to remain one of the largest players in the cryptocurrency analysis market.

Cryptocurrency market analytics news service using widgets and Blockchain



  • BA
  • PM
  • UX/UI designer
  • DevOps
  • PHP developer
  • Angular developer

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