Integrated Reporting and Control System for Drinking Water Sales Devices

Service for collecting information and creating reports with drinking water equipment

Integration with hardware components to collect information on the server for reporting. The service also includes the collection of information about the technical condition of the devices, management of their shutdown / reboot. Differentiation of system access rights, data export.


  • Collect and store information from terminals.
  • Process the data to generate the necessary reports.
  • Create a service for monitoring the technical condition of drinking water devices.


The monitoring service and reporting system can be installed and run both on the server and on a separate computer.

The collection of information about the technical condition of the bill acceptor and printer has been implemented.

Integration with hardware components for retrieving information from sensors installed in the terminal, control of the timer for shutting down / restarting the application has been performed. Transfer of parameters to the server and storage of logs for the operations performed.

We have provided the ability to differentiate access rights for system administrators. For convenient work with data, it is possible to export data to other applications and generate reports.

Integrated reporting and control system for drinking water sales devices


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