Parking Payment Application

Service for paying for city parking online

Service for online payment of city parking lots. We have developed the concept and the initial implementation of the project.


  • Create an interactive map with all municipal parking lots.
  • User registration.
  • Analyze the parking lots closest to the user, taking into account free spaces.
  • Provide for the payment of a fine for not paying for parking.


Registration in the application – filling in data about yourself, as well as entering data about the car (license plate and make), there was also (in the early stages) the possibility of entering non-motor vehicles.

Linking your bank card to pay for services.

We have created an interactive map – the location of all municipal parking lots, with a hint to the user of the parking zone closest to him.

In the absence of payment for parking, a fine is provided through a mobile application.

Parking payment application


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